Blueberry Wine


100% Blueberry Wine, Sweet Fruit Wine

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  • Tasting Notes: 
    Sweet. 100% Blueberry. Amazing Aroma!!  
  • Food Pairing:
    Pair with Swiss and Provolone cheese. Serve with a creamy, rich cheesecake. Add to your blueberry pancakes in place of water. Blend with sherbet for a fun summer smoothie. The possibilities are endless. Go ahead! Play!
  • Vintage Notes:
    Blueberry 100% !!! So Fine the day at harvest time, the dark purple orbs were so prized!! Edible Yes, and used for winemaking too, but also as a dye for the finest Royal Purple Robes!! Taste the essence that transforms the mundane to the sublime… the essence of Blueberry!!!
  • Wine Event and Competition Awards
    Gold Medal


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