Cranberry Wine


Great Holiday wine for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. Cranberry wine may be used in a variety of recipes, such as brownies (replace water), cranberry chutney, mulled as a warm drink, and more.
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  • Tasting Notes: 
    100% Cranberry.  Sweet and Tart.
  • Food Pairing:
    Great for holiday meals. Baste a turkey or ham with this wine. Put it in your stuffing mix in place of water.  Place frozen fruit in your glass and pour this wine over the top for a fun treat. Add some Sparkle with giner-ale or a white sparkling soda.
  • Vintage Notes:
    Oh Cranberry, the heart-break of my life!! As Adam & Eve were drawn to the bright Red Orb of their destruction, I too find my small Cranberry Orb to be Irresistible!!  Firm and ellipsoidal, it hides from me in its bogs and flooded lowland. Searching sometimes rewards me with this most perfect fruit… But then, in the midst of my Pleasure, as I slide this red bundle of Joy between my lips, to savor the flavor of its Flesh. Aghhh…. the tartness explodes in my mouth & Slaps my senses Alert, as I am shocked to learn She has a Mind of her Own and a Sassy disposition that compels me to forever try to capture and Savor her Unique Flavor. Not for the Faint of Heart!!!!


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