Dry, Elegantly Spicy wine. Refined & Racy!

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  • Tasting Notes:
    Dry. Elegant. Floral and Spicy. Refined & Racy.
  • Food Pairings :
    Duck, Cured Meats, Nuts & Seeds, Hot & Spicy Dishes, Whole Wheat Grains, Sweet & Starchy Vegetables, Fruits & Berries, Vanilla or Caramel
  • History:
    Gewurz means “Spicy” in German, and Gewurztraminer is the name of this grape variety. We grow 100% of the grapes in this bottle, to give you the most pure, most spicy drinking pleasure. Gewurz drinks nicely with white meats and fish, but also matches spicy Mexican or Asian food very well; or whatever you enjoy!!! In Medieval times, spices were highly prized. They were used to preserve foods and bring the far-away “Other Side of the World” aromas directly into the castles of the elite. Enjoy!!!
  • Wine Event and Competition Awards
      Silver Medal

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Weight3.3 lbs
Dimensions3.12 × 3.12 × 12 in


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