Semi-Dry. Fragrant & Unique! Lusciously fresh & light. Hints of Citrus.

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  • Tasting Notes:
    Semi-Dry.  Fragrant & Unique! Lusciously fresh & light. Hints of Citrus.
  • Food Pairings :
    Fish, Poultry, Poached or Steamed Dishes, Green Vegetables, Herbs,
  • History:
    Spring Time on the Medieval Fields of the Royal Castle bring out the Youthful Courtiers and Suitors who strut and preen and display their fleeting, innocent beauty in the warm sunshine. Muscat is just such a grape; Young, Delicate, Fruity, Flavorful & Succulent. First to the flower perfumed fields it is, with the sweet scent of morning sunshine glinting off crystals of melting frost. Longing to please, but not sure how, they bow to the passing Royalty, lowering their eyes but longing to be touched, caressed by someone of importance, someone special. Oh They have so much love to give, if only they were allowed to please.. Muscat would please, with its purity of flavor, with its purity of intention, and of thought. But Royalty passes-by and soon maturity silences those thoughts of youthful fantasy.
  • Wine Event and Competition Awards
    Double Gold Medal

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