Red Knight


Dry. Very Soft, Easy to Sip, Mellow. Big Yum Factor.

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  • Tasting Notes:
    Dry. Very Soft, Easy to Sip, Mellow. Big Yum Factor. Hints of Plum, Black Raspberry and Cinnamon.
  • Food Pairings :
    Pork, Smoked Meats, Hearty Cheese, Red Peppers, Fish
  • History:
    Gallant to a flaw, handsome beyond comparison, the sly smoothness of this Red Knight has been the downfall of a few, but the Leader of many. Postured high in his saddle, wrapped in his giant red cape, returning from the religious wars, his entrance quickly fills the village square with the gawking curious: “Does he really carry the forearm bone of St. Marco? Is that the holy Jezek tethered to his waist?” The women fawn, the men tell tall tales of their own exploits, the children have no shame and approach the Red Knight to touch this creation of their collective fantasy.
  • Wine Event and Competition Awards:
    Gold Medal & Best of Class – 2005 NY Wine & Food Classic Competition


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Weight3.3 lbs
Dimensions3.12 × 3.12 × 12 in


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