Castle Blush


Sweet. Lots of Bright Fruit. Lusciously Chewy.

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  • Tasting Notes
    Sweet. Lots of Bright Fruit. Lusciously Chewy. Hints of strawberries, Raspberries and Cotton Candy.
  • Food Pairings : Pork, Poultry, Root Vegetables & Squash, Cheese
  • Vintage Notes
    Centuries ago the Castle was the center of village life. Although hard work occupied the day from sunup to sundown, the long nights allowed ample time for relaxation. Sweetness was highly prized, and wine was one of the few ways to preserve the “Sweet Nectar of the Gods”. The Castle Blush was said to be a compromise between Damsels & Knights, Kings & Queens, Young & Old. A wine to please them all, where all went to bed happy.

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Weight3.3 lbs
Dimensions3.12 × 3.12 × 12 in


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