Queen Charlene’s Dry Rosé


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  • Tasting Notes:
    Dry Rosé made from Lemberger grapes. Crisp. Full of flavor. Not just a summer wine!
  • Food Pairings :
    Cured Meats, Nuts & Seeds, Hot & Spicy Dishes, Whole Wheat Grains, Sweet & Starchy Vegetables, Fruits & Berries, Vanilla or Caramel
  • History:
    “Queen Charlene!” Chant the onlookers as the Royal Festival Parade reaches the grassy summit.  The jugglers, jesters, and attendants delight the crowd before Queen Charlene emerges from her carriage. The masses excitedly gather to glimpse the Queen’s Royalty. “Is that brocade of spun golden thread?” chirped the crowd. “Did the Royal Magician Caiden bring those jewels from the Giant Crevasse that leads to the backside of the Earth?”  The masses sway and tighten outside Her carriage. Inside Queen Charlene sips her Dry Rosé. Fresh, Crisp, Lingering flavors of perfumed perfection.  The curtains drawn, she sighs. Perhaps she will linger a few moments longer. Just a few moments before smiling again for her people, showering her Radiance so all will be warm & happy…
  • Awards:
    Gold Medal

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