Royal Rosé


Semi-Sweet. Tickle your taste buds. Starts Sweet, Ends Juicy.

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  • Tasting Notes
    Semi-Sweet. Tickle your taste buds. Starts Sweet, Ends Juicy. Another of our “Royal Series” that tastes like the Native grapes in the Finger Lakes. This very light red (blush) wine has a distinctive spicy character that is so intriguing that your lips will keep sipping…  Hints of Watermelon and Red Berries.
  • Food Pairings :
    Pork, Poultry, Root Vegetables & Squash, Cheese
  • History:
    Was it Rose, or Rosé, she couldn’t decide. Her Lips were Rose-colored, her cheeks were the prettiest shade of Rosé… Her name was Rose, and she liked Rosé. Not the Queen’s Dry Rosé, but the softest, smoothest, fruitiest Rosé that she could find. Rose’s favorite Rosé must have Spice!! Rose yearned to travel to the Underside of the Flat Earth where it was reported on good authority, there was the most abundant supply of Exotic Spices for Every Occasion; especially for seduction. “Yes”, thought Rose, “I do like my Spice…”
  • Wine Event and Competition Awards

    • Bronze Medal

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