Royal Red


Semi-Sweet. Tastes like a Fistful of Red Grapes!

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  • Tasting Notes :
    Semi-Sweet. Tastes like a Fistful of Red Grapes!  Another of our “Royal Series” that tastes like the Native grapes that grow wild in the Finger Lakes, tasting just like grape juice, with a zing !! Dark red, juicy, grapey flavor. Chill it and Enjoy sipping.
  • Food Pairings :
    Red Meat, Grilled or Barbecued Dishes, Roasts, Hard Cheese, Black Pepper
  • History:
    The Rogue wore red as a symbol of his arrogance. Cut off from his family because of his misdeeds, he traveled the countryside in search of peasants to swindle and young women to pluck. To that end, he employed secret techniques learned in the Royal castle of his youth: The secret recipe of Royal Red. Succulently sweet and easy to appreciate, especially when cooled in the ethereal brook.
  • Wine Event and Competition Awards

    • Bronze Medal

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